Original way

Do you need change in your life? Do you want special time with your girlfriend, because you would like to tell her that she is the best women in your life? So it is great possibility, you can contact us, because we can prepare marriage proposal for you! It will be definitely magic, because there are so many possibilities. You can spend time in luxury hotel or chateau, you can be in the best restaurant in the city or you can stay in nice park with flower decoration or we can prepare candles for you, everything that you tell us. You will have also our photographer, so you will tell him, when is the right time and when he should start with his work – you will have pictures of the most beautiful moments!

Good price

Don´t be afraid of price, because it is not much expensive. We will prepare extra comfortable place for you and our packages are really advantageous, so why don´t try it? We can prepare also individual proposal package, so you can tell us everything that you need and that you want and we will fill your dream. Your girlfriend will be so surprised, because you are her prince and luxury evening is the best way how to hear her “yes”.